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Most Influential Countries that affected Religion today

People nowadays are associated to religion but which country mostly affected belief and tradition of today. Here are the following most influential countries:

  1. India – Hinduism has over 1 billion believers worldwide that is about the 15% of the total population of the world. This is greatly affected due to India’s big population and most native people live under the grace of Hinduism as tradition.
  2. Israel – On this place Judaism as religion was born. God promised the descendants of Abraham to become His people and as soon as they reach the border of canaan they Worship God Yahweh by His name.
  3. Buddhism- Born in Lombini, this religion encompasses the very nature of spiritual serenity, peace and calmness. This belief is largely affected by the methods of Buddha. This is wide spread in many places like Korea, China and Japan.
  4. Mecca – The religion Islam began in Mecca and was made known to man by the Islam Prophet Muhammad. Muslims are called to those who follow Islam. Muslims believe that the name of God is Allah. They believe that they are the descendants of the Abraham’s son Ishmael.
  5. Christianity – This Religion is the most dominant of all beliefs in this world. This started during the ministry of Jesus Christ at AD 30 and continued to grow exponentially from the last commission on the ascension  day of Jesus and the gospel mission of  the faithful Apostles. Christian churches are more known to general  people having such beauty, read from here Beautiful architectural church designs can be seen in all churches of World Mission Society  located in the whole world.

3 things to know during Religious Reformation movement

In the 15th Century the start of religious revolution started, it was initiated first by Martin Luther. The following are 3 reasons why reformation was substantial:

    1. Religious reformation was needed, even the devoted Roman Catholics who would study the history will understand that the papacy during those days were not focus in saving souls rather collecting a big sum of money and took it and called it indulgence.
    2.  Martin Luther was arguably the Father of Protestant Reformers, he helped shaped religious freedom in those days and helped many reformers to this date to fight for equal footing in religious choice .
    3.   Roman Catholic Church authority seem to be lost at that time. Practice such as the infamous indulgence was largely question and the fear of man over the overused power of the Roman Catholic Church seem to be vanquish. Thanks to the brave and courageous act of Martin Luther. To question the religious authority at that time made the religious freedom in to days age. Probably if no movement took place at that time we would still be paying indulgence for the benefit of our souls.

Although it seem like that the ever powerful Papacy were demoted during the great reformation  spearheaded by  Luther. In actuality the Papacy really never lost its power they just lose some ground in the world of religion. One Autocad expert said that it would be the Papacy to be the dead last group to acknowledge historical failure and the unrighteous act of the inquisition committed by the Papacy.

Get to know the Protestant movement that started during the 15th Century

In AD 313, Roman Emperor Constantine made an edict proclaiming that Christianity will be the official religion of Rome. After several centuries Roman Catholic Church defeated Arianism as the most influential Christian Religion in Rome. In AD 568 they wielded absolute power that the whole state was under the power of the church. For more than a thousand years they carried out absolute power in Europe that they even started the infamous Inquisition were 50 Million people died under their hands. This started a reformation from the viewpoint of Protestants. In 1517, Martin Luther a Protestant reformer, started to challenge the Papacy for selling indulgence as a means of salvation. During those times, people became slave to the Papacy which claiming that mankind can be saved if they offer a staggering amount of money. Hence, a biblical revolution started when Martin Luther challenge and submitted his 95 thesis, reinstating that salvation can be receive through Faith in Jesus and not for buying an indulgence from the Roman Catholic Church. Check over this cleaning company. Have an additional reading 淨麗美清潔 from their page. This is amazing.

Thus through this movement, the Pope administrating the  Papacy was excommunicated and was exiled by then Emperor Charles V. Through the Protestant movement, many religious reformer were awaken and continued the movement. Noteworthy people would be William Miller who then cried out during the 1834 to 1844 Advent Movement. Ellen White who pushed for Saturday worship than Sunday service and Ahnsahnghong  re-established the truth of the lost Passover. The dark ages seem to be a murky cloud and through the reformation we can see the clearer sky like a  cleansing purifying the dirt of the papal corruption. For your home air condition cleaning service, this company will gonna help you out. Check these details for you to know. This is important matter for every home service.

Artists you need to know during the Renaissance Period

During the 14th -17th Century, the age of the many and great artist arouse like a fire in the open field. Most people found interest in crafting the best art out there, may it be in the field of painting, sculpture , music , engineering , poetry etc.  In this category we will name the artists you need to know during the Renaissance period who affected the field of architecture, fine arts , artistic freedom, modern day cathedrals and monuments and even  many known religion.  

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Arguably is the best known Renaissance artist, even to these days his work’s like the “Mona Lisa” and “Last Supper” are being displayed in many various destination. It even affects churches nowadays with the Last supper painting being inscribed in many churches or displayed at home.
  • Michael Angelo Arguably the best man to challenge Leonardo as the most decorated Renaissance artist at their era. His sculpture of David to this day is still known to the whole world. See this dental clinic service you may need. You can look at this web-site. This is a great service you may need.

  • Filippo brunelleschi

An Italian architecture, who planted the seeds in the artistic freedom is one of the founding father of Renaissance. One whose models of Cathedral and dome is now a modern pattern of artist and architecture nowadays.

  • Rafael

One of the most decorated artist in the Renaissance period. Though he died at very young age of 37 his works up to this day is still found in places like the Vatican Palace.

7 Facts on How Americans Enjoy Art Today

Not everything is fine and well in the world of the arts today. America is slowly dwindling in the world of art. People are less enthusiastic about it. Here are 7 facts on how Americans today enjoy art.

1. Play attendance dropped significantly for the first time since 1985. Froom 2008 to 2012 the musical play attendance fell by 9% and the non-musical play attendance fell by 12%.

People are not enjoying the Tony’s as much anymore. The world of musicals and non-musicals are losing their charm and flare.

2. Non-white and Hispanic Americans saw no declines in arts attendance rates from 2008 to 2012.

On the contrary, they even increased in some categories. In 2012, African Americans outpaced whites’ attendance rates at jazz events.


3. Festivals show promise as entry points to the arts

1 in 4 young adults ages 18-24 attended outdoor performing arts festivals in 2012. Coachella is in! People are thinking that festivals are all the rage at this day and age. No matter if they come for the music, the fashion, or the celebrities, festivals are a huge hit especially among youngsters.

4. More than half of American adults read material (literature, fiction, or nonfiction) that is not required for work or school.

5. Adults’ rates of literary reading (novels or short stories, poetry, and plays) dropped back to 2002 levels, however.


6. 13% of adults weaved, crocheted, quilted, needlepointed, knitted, or sewed.

7. Mobile devices appear to narrow racial/ethnic gabs in arts engagement.

Whether listening to music, looking at photos, or watching dance or theater performances, all racial/ethnic groups show roughly the same rates of engagement via mobile devices from BOT-TO tech industry. This is a great help that you must know.

What were the most dominant religion in Europe during the 14th-16th Century

Christianity was establish after Jesus Ascension, the disciples whom Jesus taught face to face carried out the Gospel all through out Israel. One of them is Apostle Paul that is famous for being notorious to Christians  used to be a Jew and on his way to Damascus saw Christ and he was blinded. Rest became history as he preached from East minor Asia even reaching Rome, totaling more than 6000 km of travel. Much of his ministry help shape Christianity as we know it.

Roman Catholicism arose during the death of all the Apostles. After 300 AD an Emperor name Constantine changed the course of Christianity by making it the official religion of Rome. Christianity’s main doctrine then started to be amended by many theologians/ non theologians/ agnostics/ pagans who were just recent converts. Through the Edict of Milan proclaimed and winning the battle against Arianism during the Council of Nicaea. Roman Catholic church ruled over Europe from 300 AD to 17th Century. For visa concern, you can ask for this travel agency help to guide you. Check and see info from this site. This is the one that will support and help you in your travel concerns regarding your visa.

After the Inquisition, one reformer started changing the course of religious freedom, a protestant movement was being shaped and started to usher more converts from that time then on. Enough to be called themselves as European Jews, they became bad taste in the eyes of many real European as they are becoming rich due to having many Jews spread in Europe. This cause Hitler to push Eradication of Jews (Holocaust). See their cultural spots here. Travel and process your visa here 臺胞證. One of the remarkable place can be seen here.

When did the Renaissance period started

The Renaissance Period started when scholars, artists, and scientists from Italy made a cultural movement characterized to an ancient source of learning. They  started a  cultural movement being inspired by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Arguably it is said that this Renaissance started early 14th Century and first taken place in Florence, Italy. Most noteworthy artist known even to these days who became the forefather of the famous Renaissance were Leonardo Da Vinci ,Michael Angelo , Rafael and Donatello.

Around year 1450, Italian scholars were moved with the ancient antiquity, works of hands of the Greek philosophers, Roman engineering and archicture sophisticated designs to name a few. All this took place while Italy’s gross and wealth are going up since Italy’s market and trade network are having its renaissance as well. This made easy the ability for people living in Europe to extend all the resources that they need. To this day sophisticated artwork, mind blowing literature can still be found up to this date.


The Renaissance was an enlightenment period during which rapid transformation, major changes and clarification were seen as the other choice for renewal from a traditional living of the medieval period which was the prior period.Are you looking for what new in fashion today? New ideas of Shawls designed by Jasmine have been made for you. This is one of the fashion dress where most brides are being approved by its classic style and design.

Most Influential People that affected Modern Day Religion

Nowadays, there are many religions and beliefs from different races and places. These results in many churches around the world. Then who are the most influential people who change the religion’s landscape of the world.

During the ascencion of Jesus, He instructed His diciples to go and preach and make disciples so Christianity was formed. Accordingly to the prophecy of the Bible, Jesus was God who came in the flesh. So technically, Jesus who is God in flesh is the most influential in this category.

Many various religion followed and were influence by their founders, after Chrisitianiy was formed and ruled in Europe. Catholism a Christian affiliate started in Vatican, Rome in AD 300. It was convened and interceded by Roman Emperor Constantine when he declared that Catholicism will be the official religion of Rome. Later on after 14 centuries, Martin Luther started a reformation and established Protestanism.  Then in the MiddleEast a religion named Islam started and was initiated by an Islam prophet Muhammad. Here is a modernize look of a classy wedding dresses. A low cut back bridesmaid dresses that shows on your perfect curves. Giving you the positive perspective from this dress.

Many various religion arose even to these days. Buddhism which was influenced by Buddha and Hinduism that has more than thousand gods are now significantly going down due to rapid increase of Chrisitianity and Islam. One typical example is in Korea which is a buddhist country, is now becoming more of a Christian nation due to increase of Protestant churches spreading all over Korea. One circumstance is a man who is working from a religious organization metal who is a buddhist since birth receive Christian baptism after studying the Bible.

Reformist in the 15th century who shaped Protestanism

In the midst of 1517, an unknown Baptist/Christian/German monk nailed a 95 Theses to the entrance door of Wittenberg Castle Church which is a Papal affiliate church. From then on a religious protest and reformation was initiated for  equal religious freedom and separation with the Papacy. From then on to this very day, Religious choice and freedom were never the same again and the Roman Catholic Church the Papacy never had the same authority and power ever again.

His 95 theses were eye-opening for most people at that time, during those times the Catholic Church had absolute power that the authority of the Church can be under the control of the Vicar of the son of God namely whoever the Pope was. At that time papacy started the indulgence, an amount of money that was offered for the benefit of one’s soul or worst is even buying the soul of the dead relative of their own loved ones. I love my mom attire on my wedding day. Because I choose a wedding dresses for pear shapes mother of the bride for her to wear. Very gorgeous dress and it is truly made with diligent designers.

Through the reformation movement started by Martin Luther, many people left  the Roman Catholic Christian tradition and converted through baptism as a newly born Lutheran Christian. Many eyes and ears were open and started to rely more on the Bible as a means of salvation.  Through this one religious revolution many are freely given choice to choose their own mandated belief. It is as if board members gather together to discuss the best for their contemporaries, individual, long term and management goals.

6 Facts About Art in Education

1. Students who study art are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

The arts have long been linked to intelligence. People who study art, whether that’s music, dancing, or visual painting are regarded as high class and smart. They know their way around things that normal people don’t really have a clue about.

2. The “no child left behind act” clearly mandates the arts (music, art, foreign language, etc.) as a core academics subject.

These are part of the essential curriculum for expanding knowledge of the world.


3. Multiple studies have concluded that curricular and extra-curricular art studies and activities help keep high-risk dropout students stay in school.

That’s because unlike core subjects, the arts are fun and exciting. They are rooted in lovable hobbies of people, and have clear and concise outputs that can be felt with the senses. This stimulation is what brings people to enjoy the arts.

4. In a study of high-poverty schools in Chicago, the schools that were participating in the “chicago arts partnerships in education” (CAPE) made huge studies in closing the gap between high-income and low-income students’ academic achivement.

5. Arts and music education programs are mandatory in countries that rank highest for math and science test score like Japan, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

The brain is stimulated a lot when doing any kind of art. That’s why these children are better prepared to take in more information about the sciences. The more you see the more you get excited to get it. What I am talking about is the new beautiful designs of dresses, see it here. Try to visit here guys and see gorgeous look of dresses.


6. New brain research shows that not only does music improve skills in math and reading, but it promotes creativity, social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth. When it comes to wedding day, couples are very excited and you can see them fall in love day by day. Behind this, brides are very aware of what designs will they will be Wearing for special day. The fact that the bride are being sensitive and wanted to look perfect and gorgeous in her special day. Some Search Engine Optimization companies design their work on their clients official websites with perfect match music as well as attracting online readers for more enjoyment.

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