People nowadays are associated to religion but which country mostly affected belief and tradition of today. Here are the following most influential countries:

  1. India – Hinduism has over 1 billion believers worldwide that is about the 15% of the total population of the world. This is greatly affected due to India’s big population and most native people live under the grace of Hinduism as tradition.
  2. Israel – On this place Judaism as religion was born. God promised the descendants of Abraham to become His people and as soon as they reach the border of canaan they Worship God Yahweh by His name.
  3. Buddhism- Born in Lombini, this religion encompasses the very nature of spiritual serenity, peace and calmness. This belief is largely affected by the methods of Buddha. This is wide spread in many places like Korea, China and Japan.
  4. Mecca – The religion Islam began in Mecca and was made known to man by the Islam Prophet Muhammad. Muslims are called to those who follow Islam. Muslims believe that the name of God is Allah. They believe that they are the descendants of the Abraham’s son Ishmael.
  5. Christianity – This Religion is the most dominant of all beliefs in this world. This started during the ministry of Jesus Christ at AD 30 and continued to grow exponentially from the last commission on the ascension  day of Jesus and the gospel mission of  the faithful Apostles. Christian churches are more known to general  people having such beauty. Beautiful architectural church designs can be seen in all churches of World Mission Society  located in the whole world.