In the 15th Century the start of religious revolution started, it was initiated first by Martin Luther. The following are 3 reasons why reformation was substantial:

    1. Religious reformation was needed, even the devoted Roman Catholics who would study the history will understand that the papacy during those days were not focus in saving souls rather collecting a big sum of money and took it and called it indulgence.
    2.  Martin Luther was arguably the Father of Protestant Reformers, he helped shaped religious freedom in those days and helped many reformers to this date to fight for equal footing in religious choice .
    3.   Roman Catholic Church authority seem to be lost at that time. Practice such as the infamous indulgence was largely question and the fear of man over the overused power of the Roman Catholic Church seem to be vanquish. Thanks to the brave and courageous act of Martin Luther. To question the religious authority at that time made the religious freedom in to days age. Probably if no movement took place at that time we would still be paying indulgence for the benefit of our souls.

Although it seem like that the ever powerful Papacy were demoted during the great reformation  spearheaded by  Luther. In actuality the Papacy really never lost its power they just lose some ground in the world of religion. One Autocad expert said that it would be the Papacy to be the dead last group to acknowledge historical failure and the unrighteous act of the inquisition committed by the Papacy.