In AD 313, Roman Emperor Constantine made an edict proclaiming that Christianity will be the official religion of Rome. After several centuries Roman Catholic Church defeated Arianism as the most influential Christian Religion in Rome. In AD 568 they wielded absolute power that the whole state was under the power of the church. For more than a thousand years they carried out absolute power in Europe that they even started the infamous Inquisition were 50 Million people died under their hands. This started a reformation from the viewpoint of Protestants. In 1517, Martin Luther a Protestant reformer, started to challenge the Papacy for selling indulgence as a means of salvation. During those times, people became slave to the Papacy which claiming that mankind can be saved if they offer a staggering amount of money. Hence, a biblical revolution started when Martin Luther challenge and submitted his 95 thesis, reinstating that salvation can be receive through Faith in Jesus and not for buying an indulgence from the Roman Catholic Church. Check over this cleaning company. Have an additional reading 淨麗美清潔 from their page. This is amazing.

Thus through this movement, the Pope administrating the  Papacy was excommunicated and was exiled by then Emperor Charles V. Through the Protestant movement, many religious reformer were awaken and continued the movement. Noteworthy people would be William Miller who then cried out during the 1834 to 1844 Advent Movement. Ellen White who pushed for Saturday worship than Sunday service and Ahnsahnghong  re-established the truth of the lost Passover. The dark ages seem to be a murky cloud and through the reformation we can see the clearer sky like a  cleansing purifying the dirt of the papal corruption. For your home air condition cleaning service, this company will gonna help you out. Check these details for you to know. This is important matter for every home service.