During the 14th -17th Century, the age of the many and great artist arouse like a fire in the open field. Most people found interest in crafting the best art out there, may it be in the field of painting, sculpture , music , engineering , poetry etc.  In this category we will name the artists you need to know during the Renaissance period who affected the field of architecture, fine arts , artistic freedom, modern day cathedrals and monuments and even  many known religion.  

  • Leonardo Da Vinci Arguably is the best known Renaissance artist, even to these days his work’s like the “Mona Lisa” and “Last Supper” are being displayed in many various destination. It even affects churches nowadays with the Last supper painting being inscribed in many churches or displayed at home.
  • Michael Angelo Arguably the best man to challenge Leonardo as the most decorated Renaissance artist at their era. His sculpture of David to this day is still known to the whole world. See this dental clinic service you may need. You can look at this web-site. This is a great service you may need.

  • Filippo brunelleschi

An Italian architecture, who planted the seeds in the artistic freedom is one of the founding father of Renaissance. One whose models of Cathedral and dome is now a modern pattern of artist and architecture nowadays.

  • Rafael

One of the most decorated artist in the Renaissance period. Though he died at very young age of 37 his works up to this day is still found in places like the Vatican Palace. By the way if care about your smile click here 假牙 價格 to maintin it! best dentist advice!.