Not everything is fine and well in the world of the arts today. America is slowly dwindling in the world of art. People are less enthusiastic about it. Here are 7 facts on how Americans today enjoy art.

1. Play attendance dropped significantly for the first time since 1985. Froom 2008 to 2012 the musical play attendance fell by 9% and the non-musical play attendance fell by 12%.

People are not enjoying the Tony’s as much anymore. The world of musicals and non-musicals are losing their charm and flare.

2. Non-white and Hispanic Americans saw no declines in arts attendance rates from 2008 to 2012.

On the contrary, they even increased in some categories. In 2012, African Americans outpaced whites’ attendance rates at jazz events.


3. Festivals show promise as entry points to the arts

1 in 4 young adults ages 18-24 attended outdoor performing arts festivals in 2012. Coachella is in! People are thinking that festivals are all the rage at this day and age. No matter if they come for the music, the fashion, or the celebrities, festivals are a huge hit especially among youngsters.

4. More than half of American adults read material (literature, fiction, or nonfiction) that is not required for work or school.

5. Adults’ rates of literary reading (novels or short stories, poetry, and plays) dropped back to 2002 levels, however.


6. 13% of adults weaved, crocheted, quilted, needlepointed, knitted, or sewed.

7. Mobile devices appear to narrow racial/ethnic gabs in arts engagement.

Whether listening to music, looking at photos, or watching dance or theater performances, all racial/ethnic groups show roughly the same rates of engagement via mobile devices. This is a great help that you must know.