Christianity was establish after Jesus Ascension, the disciples whom Jesus taught face to face carried out the Gospel all through out Israel. One of them is Apostle Paul that is famous for being notorious to Christians  used to be a Jew and on his way to Damascus saw Christ and he was blinded. Rest became history as he preached from East minor Asia even reaching Rome, totaling more than 6000 km of travel. Much of his ministry help shape Christianity as we know it.

Roman Catholicism arose during the death of all the Apostles. After 300 AD an Emperor name Constantine changed the course of Christianity by making it the official religion of Rome. Christianity’s main doctrine then started to be amended by many theologians/ non theologians/ agnostics/ pagans who were just recent converts. Through the Edict of Milan proclaimed and winning the battle against Arianism during the Council of Nicaea. Roman Catholic church ruled over Europe from 300 AD to 17th Century. For visa concern, you can ask for this travel agency help to guide you. Check and see info from this site. This is the one that will support and help you in your travel concerns regarding your visa.

After the Inquisition, one reformer started changing the course of religious freedom, a protestant movement was being shaped and started to usher more converts from that time then on. Enough to be called themselves as European Jews, they became bad taste in the eyes of many real European as they are becoming rich due to having many Jews spread in Europe. This cause Hitler to push Eradication of Jews (Holocaust). See their cultural spots here. Travel and process your visa here 臺胞證. One of the remarkable place can be seen here.