Nowadays, there are many religions and beliefs from different races and places. These results in many churches around the world. Then who are the most influential people who change the religion’s landscape of the world.

During the ascencion of Jesus, He instructed His diciples to go and preach and make disciples so Christianity was formed. Accordingly to the prophecy of the Bible, Jesus was God who came in the flesh. So technically, Jesus who is God in flesh is the most influential in this category.

Many various religion followed and were influence by their founders, after Chrisitianiy was formed and ruled in Europe. Catholism a Christian affiliate started in Vatican, Rome in AD 300. It was convened and interceded by Roman Emperor Constantine when he declared that Catholicism will be the official religion of Rome. Later on after 14 centuries, Martin Luther started a reformation and established Protestanism.  Then in the MiddleEast a religion named Islam started and was initiated by an Islam prophet Muhammad. Find this professional leaking solution company. Look into this Asian website here 外牆防水. This is way for your home best and organize way.

Many various religion arose even to these days. Buddhism which was influenced by Buddha and Hinduism that has more than thousand gods are now significantly going down due to rapid increase of Chrisitianity and Islam. One typical example is in Korea which is a buddhist country, is now becoming more of a Christian nation due to increase of Protestant churches spreading all over Korea. One circumstance is a man who is working from a religious organization metal who is a buddhist since birth receive Christian baptism after studying the Bible.