In the midst of 1517, an unknown Baptist/Christian/German monk nailed a 95 Theses to the entrance door of Wittenberg Castle Church which is a Papal affiliate church. From then on a religious protest and reformation was initiated for  equal religious freedom and separation with the Papacy. From then on to this very day, Religious choice and freedom were never the same again and the Roman Catholic Church the Papacy never had the same authority and power ever again.

His 95 theses were eye-opening for most people at that time, during those times the Catholic Church had absolute power that the authority of the Church can be under the control of the Vicar of the son of God namely whoever the Pope was. At that time papacy started the indulgence, an amount of money that was offered for the benefit of one’s soul or worst is even buying the soul of the dead relative of their own loved ones. And look over this best beauty company. Check this Asian site here 醫美. They will give you the best treatment for beauty you ever dream.

Through the reformation movement started by Martin Luther, many people left  the Roman Catholic Christian tradition and converted through baptism as a newly born Lutheran Christian. Many eyes and ears were open and started to rely more on the Bible as a means of salvation.  Through this one religious revolution many are freely given choice to choose their own mandated belief just like this company縮鼻翼 who provides service about cosmetic surgery. It is as if board members gather together to discuss the best for their contemporaries, individual, long term and management goals.