Art and religion has a big connection to each other. It shaped the history around the world.

Without art, religion would not be a major thing today, and not a lot of people will follow it.


People need proof to what they should worship. So art does that role in religion. Like the Greek Empire, they build statue of gods to see their appearance, and they worship that god or goddess.

The temple is a place where religion took to practice and pray. God statues were built and worshiped at these temples in all major Greek communities in ceremonies.

Art and religion was a huge thing in the greek empire, the greek empire developed mostly because of their religion.

And art helps religion become more successful.

Ancient egyptians built pyramids as tombs for pharaos. Pharaos were believed to be the incarnation of god on earth. Hieroglyphic art are carved on carved stone, they all have different story about the gods and stage of the kings reincarnations.

This is the stage of mummification, and Anubis who is the god of the underworld who guide the spirits of the dead.